Why should you hire Rosh FD as your part time finance director?

Martin Hyman, Managing Director of Rosh FD, has a long history of providing sound financial advice and helping SMEs achieve their long-term business goals. Rosh FD gives businesses and the key people within those businesses the tools and advice they need to take control of their business finance. He is a KPMG trained Chartered Accountant with 15-years experience as a finance director for both privately owned and AIM-quoted businesses. Martin can help businesses with every aspect of their financial well being and provide sound commercial and strategic advice.

The expertise provided by Martin and Rosh FD's team of financial experts cover a wide range of financial scenarios - from struggling businesses who need a source of additional capital to get themselves back on track, to companies experiencing rapid growth who need help structuring that growth and focusing their efforts and finances on developing the right parts of their business. Rosh FD's team of finance experts take pride in helping SMEs achieve their business goals. Read about some of our success stories:

The local business in need of finance

Rosh FD was appointed to help a local retail group with 5M of debt. The bank was threatening to withdraw their facility. By providing the bank with detailed information about the business and drafting a detailed business plan we helped rebuild the company's relationship with the bank. We then helped the directors craft a quick exit strategy and sell the group for 8M.

The growing business in need of structure and focused business objectives

Rosh FD was appointed to advise a growing recruitment business. The directors realised that the company needed more structure as it grew in order to keep the business running smoothly and to maintain a handle on cash flow. Working with the directors, Rosh created a long-term strategy for the company and developed a business plan to provide the company with clear goals and a path to reach those goals. We negotiated a bank facility so that they could get the finances they needed to realise the business plan and introduced EMI schemes to retain and motivate key staff. The work we did was so successful that Martin from Rosh FD has since been appointed as a non-executive director of the company.

The IT business with cash flow problems

Rosh FD was appointed to an IT business that had discovered that due to accounting errors it owed HMRC 500,000. Rosh FD negotiated a payment plan with The Revenue and produced a strategy for the company to enable it to repay the debt out of cash flow. Rosh FD arranged a temporary 250,000 loan with the company's bank, and also introduced a cost saving program which saved 300,000 per year.


"As MD I was under intense pressure from the bank. By engaging Rosh FD, we were able to improve our relationship with the bank and gain breathing space whilst we negotiated the sale of the business. Rosh FD managed the sale, enabling us to achieve optimal sale price and sell the business in a very short time. Rosh FD's invaluable input freed up my time to focus on keeping the business running."
Rebecca Tilling - Managing Director of Gardens Centres of Cheshire

"We appointed Rosh FD to give us a sound financial basis as we grew rapidly. The forecasts, KPIs and disciplines introduced have been invaluable as we have grown from a small to a medium sized business. It is a great comfort to know that your finances are safe in the hands of someone who has been round the block. Rosh FD's strategic input has been so invaluable that we asked Martin from Rosh FD to become a non-executive director at R3."
Daniel Cornwell - Managing Director of R3 Resourcing Limited

"It was a pleasure working with Rosh FD."
Lauren Lau - Director of Prince Catering and Management Ltd

"It is so important for SMEs to have the correct financial, strategic input such as Rosh FD has given to Homesafe. We now have clarity, focus and direction. I would imagine other companies are also in the position of requiring a Financial Director yet not being in a position to retain one full time. Rosh FD's tailored services can fill this gap."
Suzanne Taylor - Managing Director of Homesafe Group PLC

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It is so important for SMEs to have the correct financial, strategic input such as Rosh FD has given to Homesafe.
Homesafe Group PLC

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