Raising finance to help your business

Do you need to raise extra capital for business growth, restructuring or expansion?

Are you worried about the potential effects of a recession?

Could a recession leave your business short of cash?

Growing a business often requires more cash than most SMEs have available. To achieve your business goals you will need to find a source of funding. This may be a bank loan, private equity from angel investors or a large injection of venture capital etc. Rosh FD has a strong background in raising finance for SMEs. We will put all our expertise into constructing a strong business plan which will highlight all the strengths of your business and will attract investors who believe in the potential of your business.

In order to convince investors and lenders to make an investment in your business, you must first convince them that that you have a viable, achievable business plan. Rosh FD can help you formulate this plan, also introducing you to the right investors.

Financial plans require the experience of an advisor with the right business connections. You will need to show that not only do you have a product or service that fills a gap in the market, but also that you can deliver your product profitably. Rosh FD can help you demonstrate that you have accurate and realistic financial forecasts and have built reliable budget controls into your business plan.

Our experience means that we have a thorough understanding of what the providers of finance are looking for in a business plan and in a business and what types of investors will be right for your business. We also have excellent relationships with all the main banks and private equity houses which we will put to use for your company in order to help you achieve your goals.

Let Rosh FD find you the capital you need for your business. Call us today on 07734 212648.

It is so important for SMEs to have the correct financial, strategic input such as Rosh FD has given to Homesafe.
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