Hiring a part time financial director makes good financial sense

A good financial director does far more for a business than just manage the finance department, make sure the books are kept accurately and see that everybody gets paid at the end of the month. A good finance director will:

  • know how to raise capital for the business for long-term growth or to solve short-term cash flow problems
  • identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) by which a business can accurately measure its growth and development
  • increase staff motivation through incentive schemes
  • control and reduce costs
  • understand the key factors in the business that drive profit and will advise the business on how to capitalise on those factors
  • produce viable budgets which do not constrain growth
  • build achievable, long-term business plans to promote financial growth
  • offer useful, knowledgeable advice about the feasibility of new business projects and provide guidance on key business decisions
  • manage and streamline business processes to keep them robust and efficient so that they will maintain their value as the business grows

If your business does not need a full time financial director yet, or if you cannot afford to employ somebody full time in the role, Rosh FD can provide the services of a financial director as and when you need them.

Hiring an experienced business finance consultant to act as a part time financial director can take some of the pressure off the Managing Director of your SME. Rosh FD can help you to make business decisions and conduct strategic business planning with objective advice, and will ensure that you have the most relevant and up-to-date figures at your fingertips when you need them.

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Rosh FD's invaluable input freed up my time to focus on keeping the business running.
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