Saving your business money, time & resources

Do you find that your company's costs are always more than you would like them to be?

Do you find yourself chasing your tail to keep track of your business's finances?

Is trying to keep track of your business finances having a negative impact on your ability to complete your own workload?

Often when small businesses begin to grow rapidly, they do not have the time or resources to modify their processes to grow with them. This can often result in people finding themselves either 'wearing too many hats', or being lumbered with processes and procedures that can no longer accommodate the new requirements of the business.

Hiring a business finance expert from Rosh FD can help you to re-evaluate the organisation of your business and look at the big picture. Rosh FD can help you improve the quality of your business processesso that your business can mature unhindered by internal barriers. Rosh FD will help your finance department to keep comprehensive, precise records regarding all transactions and to extract information rapidly whenever you need it.

We will provide a robust structure to meet all the requirements of your growing finance department. Our service includes:

  • set up processes for your staff to keep tight control of your business's cash
  • developing procedures for financial reporting
  • building accurate models for forecasting and budgeting
  • setting up the right sort of banking facility to manage your money and provide you with capital for growth
  • introducing incentive schemes to motivate your employees

We will look at your cost base and identify areas where savings can be made and can negotiate on your behalf with your suppliers.

With an experienced part-time financial director to oversee all of your finance and accounting functions as well as providing long term strategic advice, your managing director will no longer need to get involved with worrying about short-term cash issues or long term finance. Instead, they will have the time to concentrate on sales and operations and increasing revenue.

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The forecasts, KPIs & disciplines introduced have been invaluable as we have grown into a medium sized business..
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