Developing exit strategies

Are you looking for an exit strategy to secure your own financial future and ongoing success for your business?

Do you see your business as your pension, your children's inheritance, or perhaps funding a dream lifestyle?

How can you get paid for the true value in your business?

Would advice from an independent financial expert help you plan for your own future and the future of your business?

No business owner will stay with his business forever. Eventually, no matter how much you love running your company, you will want to move on or retire. Rosh FD can help you develop a clear exit strategy for your business. We will help you clarify your long-term objectives and create an achievable plan to fulfil them.

Your objective might be to:

  • pass a strong business on to your children
  • achieve a high-value sale to another company
  • IPO (floatation on AIM)

Whatever your objective, it is imperative that you begin planning for your exit long before you actually intend to leave your business.

We have years of experience, meaning we know how to implement effective commercial structures to make your business attractive to potential acquirers.

When the time is right, using our contacts and our understanding of your unique selling points, we will identify potential buyers. We can then advise you through negotiations and identify strategies which will maximise shareholder value and minimise the tax you will have to pay upon your exit.

By planning your exit strategy early you will have focused business goals towards which to work and a clear idea of how your investment of your time and money in your business will work to bring you the highest possible profit. If you plan your exit thoroughly you can be sure that you receive the best value for your investment.

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